Cicli Corsa

Marino Super pista, made out of Columbus PS tubing in 1978. Francesco Marino (but often called Franco) is the framebuilder. A man who, for 40 years, has been working as a framebuilder for most of the major brands of the north of Italy. Based in Treviglio, he was mostly working behind the scenes, branding only a few bikes with his own name. One example of his great craftmanship is this stunning and perfectly preserved “Super Pista”. Extremely tight clearances, Columbus Pista Sprint (PS) reinforced tubing with oversize chain stays, and a “cromovelato” copper finish. Completely equipped with a Campagnolo Record pista gruppo. The bike was used by a local pro-rider mostly inside the velodrome of Dalmine, back in the late 70’s.

Mr. Marino is retired now, after an entire life spent brazing bicycle frames.