Cicli Corsa
Cinelli Laser5

Today we received a couple of pictures of something that looks quite spectacular. An Italian collector asked us if we were interested in sharing these pictures of what it looks like a primordial Cinelli Laser,…


A stunning Gianni Motta “pista inseguimento”model with a 24” front wheel is something rare to come across, especially if preserved and kept as well this one.  And now, it’s even more rare… the frame has…

Colnago Papa25

A special religious touch on this 1978 Colnago Super.

carbitubo track2

Too stunning and rare not to share – Colnago Carbitubo pursuit track 28-26 – aluminum cast lugs and carbon fiber tubing glued into them. Enjoy the pictures


Our selection of pictures taken at Milanese expo and swap-meet of vintage cars & cycles, abi-annual  event that has been taking place for years near the  Linate Airport in Novegro. Mostly focused on engine-based items, but in…

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