Cicli Corsa

A stunning Gianni Motta “pista inseguimento”model with a 24” front wheel is something rare to come across, especially if preserved and kept as well this one.  And now, it’s even more rare… the frame has…

Colnago Papa25

A special religious touch on this 1978 Colnago Super.

carbitubo track2

Too stunning and rare not to share – Colnago Carbitubo pursuit track 28-26 – aluminum cast lugs and carbon fiber tubing glued into them. Enjoy the pictures


Our selection of pictures taken at Milanese expo and swap-meet of vintage cars & cycles, abi-annual  event that has been taking place for years near the  Linate Airport in Novegro. Mostly focused on engine-based items, but in…


After all the rain that came down the previous day, we didn’t think it would be possible to have so much fun on Sunday. It was, however, a seriously great day with great people around.…

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