Cicli Corsa

Ciöcc Pista

Here we have a stunning collectible piece, autographed by the same master that designed and manufactured back in the mid 80’s, according to Mr. Pelizzoli this model should be either from 1980 or 1981. He’s recognizing that by a few details of construction and by the kind of lug-set used.

The filing done on lugs and the custom cuts are sign of a special care put in its construction, not a standard piece but a truly handcrafted product.

The rear Campagnolo track dropouts are completely chromed, same for the front fork. The chrome-job has been completely and professionally re-done.

his frame was in need of restoration because of a previous poor attempt of restoration. It was re-painted according to the suggestions made by Mr. Pelizzoli, color code is original.

What we have here is a truly collectible piece, the fact that is autographed by Mr. Pelizzoli is making it even more rare.

Ciocc_track_4Ciocc_track_5Ciocc_track_9Ciocc_track_2Ciocc_track_1 Ciocc_track_3 Ciocc_track_6 Ciocc_track_7 Ciocc_track_8 Ciocc_track_10 Ciocc_track_

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