Cicli Corsa

Colnago Master Più 1988

Stunning Colnago model MASTER Più (internal rear brake wire routing) from 1988. The frame was handcrafted out of the iconic Gilco tubing profilo stellare S4 and a set of decor casted lugs from Colnago.

It is something quite unique to find in this condition, looks like it was kept in a time capsule for the last 25 years.

The bicycle is equipped with a complete Campagnolo Chorus gruppo. Original condition, not a bolt was replaced on thsi bicycle, everything is exactly as it was when it came out of the original retailer, even the handlebar tape is the original Colnago branded. Only pedals are missing.

Bike went through a complete service and it’s ready to race.

It doesn’t show any particular flaw, the paint-job is the original of course and the chromed details are still in a perfect shape.

Please enjoy all pictures in the gallery below.

Colnago_Master_Più_12 Colnago_Master_Più_32 Colnago_Master_Più_31 Colnago_Master_Più_26 Colnago_Master_Più_22 Colnago_Master_Più_21 Colnago_Master_Più_13 Colnago_Master_Più_4 Colnago_Master_Più_1

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