Cicli Corsa

Colnago Master Più

Completely and professionally restored Colnago Master Più (internal rear brake routing) from the second part of the 80’s, probably from 1987-88.

Handmade out of Gilco Tubing – profilo S4 “stellare”, which is the signature feature of any master frame.

We’re taking pride in being one of the very few firms able to perform this kind of restorations, when the original paint-scheme is quite complex and needs the use of special masking.

New chrome-job on fork, head-tube lugs, chain-stay and dropouts.

Ready to be equipped with parts, rare and collectible item.

Colnago_Master_Colnago_Master_1 Colnago_Master_2 Colnago_Master_3 Colnago_Master_4 Colnago_Master_5 Colnago_Master_6 Colnago_Master_7 Colnago_Master_8 Colnago_Master_10 Colnago_Master_11

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