Cicli Corsa

Colnago Super 1970

Colnago Super tipo Roma pro-team SCIC from 1970. The first Colnago model presented with  the iconic Ace of Club logo, which is engraved on all the lugs of the main triangle.

Colnago_Scic_20-1 Colnago_Scic_15-1 Colnago_Scic_10 Colnago_Scic_11 Colnago_Scic_09 Colnago_Scic_04 Colnago_Scic_14-1 Colnago_Scic_02 Colnago_Scic_39-1 Colnago_Scic_27 Colnago_Scic_37-1

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