Cicli Corsa

Pogliaghi Italcorse 1978

Some master of the Milanese frame-building school really left a mark in history, Sante Pogliaghi is certainly one of them.

This frame handmade in his workshop in 1978 (dated carefully thanks to the components installed and thanks to the serial ID engraved on the seat-lug) shows all the sign of a superior craftsmanship. Certainly made to measure and lots of care to details.

The set of tubing used for the manufacturing comes from Columbus and it has standard diameters. The set of lugs is casted and custom carved. Front fork and rear triangle are completely chromed, a finish reserved for hi-end frames only, considering the cost of the procedure.

The paint-job is extremely well done and still practically flaw-less. It’s quite hard to find a frame in this shape after all these years.

You can tell that this bike was designed for a professional use also by the way it was equipped. A complete Campagnolo Super Record Gruppo is installed, and it’s not just a regular one, but a first generation, even more rare and appreciated by collector’s.

The overall condition of the bicycle are simply unbelievable, nearly mint after more than 35 years. Chromed surfaces are still perfect to this days, paint doesn’t show any major mark or scratch.

Pogliaghi_1977_17 Pogliaghi_1977_16 Pogliaghi_1977_15 Pogliaghi_1977_14 Pogliaghi_1977_13 Pogliaghi_1977_12 Pogliaghi_1977_11 Pogliaghi_1977_10 Pogliaghi_1977_9 Pogliaghi_1977_8 Pogliaghi_1977_7 Pogliaghi_1977_6 Pogliaghi_1977_5 Pogliaghi_1977_4 Pogliaghi_1977_3 Pogliaghi_1977_2

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