Cicli Corsa

Stelbel INOX

Handmade in 1987/88 by one of the most important frame-builders there is. Stelio Belletti shows us how, already in the 80’s, he was capable of welding together stainless steel frames. Back then a suitable stainless steel tubing wasn’t available on the market, so he asked a local small steelworks to provide tubes with the required diameters, shapes and thickness to be suitable for frame-building.
There you have it, the Stelbel model INOX. Here equipped with a Campagnolo Super record gruppo, Pat. ICS modified rear derailleur and Almarc handlebar leather cover.Stelbel Inox Stelbel Inox9 Stelbel Inox7 Stelbel Inox6 Stelbel Inox4 Stelbel Inox3 Stelbel Inox2 Stelbel Inox1 Stelbel Inox10 Stelbel Inox12 Stelbel Inox13 Stelbel Inox15 Stelbel Inox21

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