Cicli Corsa

…he made this…  and we did a full restoration.  

Nuovo Record early 70’s Ciöcc panto. It’s so rare to find black anodized Campagnolo parts… and they are panto too! The Ciöcc logo, at that time, was an ace of spades, and only after 1977…

  Got an amazing stock of NOS Silva toes straps and handlebar tape.

Colnago Pista Complete Track Bicycle FCI Saronni

As some of you probably already realized, Cicli Corsa Classico (ex – is not just a website related to bicycles that can be ridden at the “L’Eroica”, but it is also a site about anything Italian,…

Colnago Super - Tipo Roma - Cicli Corsa Classico

We’re now proud to show the result of our research and restoration, done on this stunning road frame. .

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