De Rosa Neo Primato

Complete Steel Road Frame

We offer the possibility of leaving a 30% deposit to place order. Final payment due when the frame is ready to be shipped. Please write to us at to request this option.

The style and the inspiration look back to Eddy Merckx and I become almost mesmerized as I think about the racer’s racer! I find myself doing the same thing as I look at the slim, historical yet elegant frame. Surely it looks more aggressive than other frames but it’s really a matter of temperament as the performance is the same.


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A special style of welding called fillet brazing allows for the creation of a steel frame without showing welded joints. This distinction attracts the romantic cyclist, the cyclist who loves the timelessness of steel frames with sleeker, more modern aesthetics. Like all De Rosa steel frames all that is required is one look and the cyclist’s heart is captured in perpetuity. In that one look the eye is rewarded by the harmony of a homogeneous silhouette. The sections of the tubing at the joints are connected in a uniform and continuous manner resulting in a single body. The new color range offered for the Âgé add to its limitless nature.

The De Rosa Âgé is a fillet brazed steel frame with a modern geometry and a sleek and seamless aesthetic. A special brass and silver based alloy allows brazing to be down at significantly lower temperatures that do not distort the welding area, ensuring an increased durability and performance over time. De Rosa have decided to bring the fillet brazing technique back, embodying the knowledge and skills of old and coupling them with modern geometries.

For over 60 years, De Rosa has pushed the boundaries of road racing technology, not to mention sophistication. Their continuous drive to research, develop, and adopt avant-garde solutions has made them one of the most well-known and appreciated Italian brands the world over.

We offer the possibility of leaving a 30% deposit to place order. Final payment due when the frame is ready to be shipped. Please write to us at to request this option.

Cicli Corsa is an official De Rosa distributor and as such is able to offer a completely customizable De Rosa bicycles and frames. We not only offer the standard factory builds for complete bicycles, we also offer free quotes for all Shimano and Campagnolo group-sets and accessories.

It is also possible to exclude items from your order. For example, you would love to buy a complete bicycle but already have a great wheel-set that you want to continue using. Not a problem, we are able to provide a free quote for a complete bicycle minus the wheel-set (or any other components).

Love the bike but want it in a different color? Cicli Corsa is also able to provide custom paint jobs on all De Rosa frames.

Last but certainly not least, as an official reseller, all De Rosa bicycles come with an official factory warranty, and Cicli Corsa offers customer service support to assist all customers in this process.

All De Rosa Âgé frames have a delivery waiting time of 60 days.

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All De Rosa frames have a delivery waiting time of 60 days.

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