Cicli Corsa

Check out our Eroica 2012 photo gallery.


This year we brought a camera…  and even if we didn’t use it much, here a small selection of what we liked… we’ve been busy mostly making connections for future collaborations, and probably soon, we will…


It has been a while since our last post, we know… but it has been even longer since our last visit to one of the most innovative framebuilders of the Italian framebuilding school. Mr. Stelio Belletti, founder…


…he made this…  and we did a full restoration.  

Ciocc black_5

Nuovo Record early 70’s Ciöcc panto. It’s so rare to find black anodized Campagnolo parts… and they are panto too! The Ciöcc logo, at that time, was an ace of spades, and only after 1977…

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