Cicli Corsa
Colnago Super - Tipo Roma - Cicli Corsa Classico

We’re now proud to show the result of our research and restoration, done on this stunning road frame. .

  Remember when we’ve been over at Moser’s? Well… after the nice pictures, our friends from 341 production completed the job on the interview clip named “Our identity”. You should check it out on their website, because…

So, today is the 1st of March, registration to L’eroica edition 2012 is officially open. There is space for 2.200 Italians riders and only for 800 foreigners, so you better be fast. Go to L’eroica…

Colnago Frame - Cicli Corsa Classico

1969 or 1970? Often it can be hard and confusing to decide the exact age of an old frame, but when it comes to early Colnagos, the details are so many from year to year, which…

NOS NIB Campangolo Components - Cicli Corsa Classico

We got some, and the content is pretty sweet. Better than all our past christmas presents combined.  

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