Cicli Corsa
Masi Prestige Reparto Corse - Cicli Corsa Classico

There are bicycles that are more special than others, and when it comes to Masi bicycles they are definitely something different than most race bicycles, even more if they are marked with a little sticker that says “Reparto Corse” which means “race division”.

Here, I introduce to you my last beauty, it’s a Masi Prestige “reparto corse” from 1975.

It is fully equipped with a Campagnolo Super Record (1st generation) groupset, and Cinelli stem & handlebar.

In the next few weeks I’ll try to find the time to go back to Italy and bring the bike back to Mr. Alberto Masi, to get more information, and maybe even find out who was the first owner of the bike. ¬†Because we’re talking about a “Race division” piece, it was made for a professional cyclist.

Of course the bike needs a little cleaning and some set up, but I already find it awesome. Stay tuned to see the final result of my fix up.