Cicli Corsa
Colnago Frame - Cicli Corsa Classico

1969 or 1970? Often it can be hard and confusing to decide the exact age of an old frame, but when it comes to early Colnagos, the details are so many from year to year, which makes the job easier. However, information about the details of ’69-’70s frames  is controversial. The circular drilled pattern on the bottom bracket shell, Colnago club logo pantographed on the three lugs in the same size, and a fork crown with only two holes on the sides and no logo are often considered to be the perfect signs to identify a 1969 Colnago, but it’s also true that Mr. Ernesto decided to use the club logo only after the victory of Dancelli at the Milano -San Remo in 1970. This means that a frame with a club logo on it, should be considered to be from 1970, also because that kind of drilling on the shell was used only for a really limited period of time, and already discontinued in 1971. But, as we already said, there is a lot of information about this, and sometimes it’s confusing, so we guess that there’s only one way to figure it out. We’ll take the frame down to Ernesto Colnago himself next week and we’ll ask him. He should know, right?