Cicli Corsa

Mario may be a typical Italian name but Mario’s bike collection is far from common, in fact it’s rather unique. He’s been accumulating bikes for many years and his collection has evolved over the years from examples of the World War era up to 1970s road racing machines.  The stories he has to tell are innumerable and each bicycle has a fascinating anecdote tied to them. Masi, De Rosa, Cinelli, Colnago and Bianchi are some of the brands in his collection.

The most valuable piece of the collection Mario ironically calls the “Mum” of the Cinelli Laser. Only two have been built, the other is exhibited at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Everything that represents innovation of the period from materials to construction techniques are present in this bicycle.

Mario Il collezionista 1Mario Il collezionista 3 Mario Il collezionista 4Mario Il collezionista 5 insta Mario Il collezionista 5

Then there is the Masi from 1948/49 equipped with extremely rare components and built by Faliero Masi himself, considered by many as the master of Italian steel fabrication.

Mario Il collezionista 56Mario Il collezionista 58 Mario Il collezionista 59

Even rarer is the Masi Special model designed for the wife of a famous industrialist from the mid 1960s.

Mario Il collezionista 47

Mario couldn’t miss the opportunity to acquire a Colnago that belonged to the Molteni racing team. It’s not certain that this one was used by Eddy Merckx but the bike is in his size and the frame is signed by Ernesto himself.

Mario Il collezionista 6Mario Il collezionista 9Mario Il collezionista 11 Mario Il collezionista 13


And the rest of his collection………………

Mario Il collezionista 15Special Masi Racing 1957 (flat wagon, track box)

Mario Il collezionista 32Bianchi Specialissima 1976 racing department

Mario Il collezionista 22Bianchi Crono Tommy Prim 1984

Mario Il collezionista 39Colnago’s First Super 1969


Mario Il collezionista 52Colnago Arabesque woman