Cicli Corsa

Definitely one of the nicest pieces of steel we’ve laid our hands on so far, even if it is just a modern replica of the famous model from the late 60’s. A collector friend of ours, with a great sense of taste we might add, asked us to help him add something quite spectacular to his collection, a Masi cronometro made for the Faema team. Thanks to the skills of the master builder Alberto Masi his wish became a reality. A replica of the frame was manufactured, together with a specially designed slotted fork. The building, as requested by our good friend, is a tribute to the drilling and milling of the old days and the final result left us quite happy. We hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoy this project.

Masi Faema 1 Masi Faema16 Masi Faema 15 Masi Faema 13 Masi Faema 11 Masi Faema 10 Masi Faema 8 Masi Faema 6

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