Cicli Corsa

First of all we’d like to thank all the guys down at the Passoni workshop for been so kind and available.

The reason for our visit was primarily related to getting more information about our recently acquired Passoni TOP frame-set, but we were also extremely curious to get to look around one of Italy’s finest workshops  when it comes to manufacturing titanium racing frames.

What we found was a clean and organized space, where all phases of construction take place in-house. Starting with mitering the tubes, frame assembly, skilled welding, and completing the process with an accurate and long phase of finishing.  Each frame that comes out of the hands of the master frame-builder is a custom frame, always made to measure.

Quite interesting was the final assembly station, where high-end Passoni frames are equipped with only the best parts available on the market, always resulting in stunning masterpieces. The care and attention to details is not common to the bicycle industry, only a truly handmade frame can aim to achieve this quality standard.

Head over to the Passoni website to get more information about these stunning handcrafted titanium and stainless steel racing machines.

Thanks to the information received we were able to date our frame with serial #678 precisely to the year 1994, and to discover something more about the craftsmanship and materials used back then. So once again, thank you to all Passoni staff for having us and showing us around.

And now a few pictures for you to enjoy,Passoni_Factory9 Passoni_Factory8 Passoni_Factory7 Passoni_Factory6 Passoni_Factory5 Passoni_Factory4 Passoni_Factory3 Passoni_Factory12 Passoni_Factory2 Passoni_Factory1 Passoni_Factory