Cicli Corsa
Colnago Master Piu 35th Anniversary Edition

The Colnago Master came onto the market in 1984. Marking a turning point in the history of cycling, it was is considered a very innovative frame for the era in which it was developed. The project, developed in collaboration with Gilberto Colombo, used star-shaped S/4 profile tubing with increased longitudinal stiffness, which provided the best possible combination of rigidity and lightness. This specially developed tubing was given the name Gilco in honour of Gilberto Colombo, designer and producers of these world-renowned tubing.

Over the years, the Master model has undergone many developments, with each model seeing an improvement in design and technical characteristics. One of the most noteworthy versions is the 1989 Colnago Master Più model, released as a special edition model in celebration of their 35th anniversary. A few of these special edition frames were mounted with a gold-plated Campagnolo C-Record groupset. When this model was released it was already considered a collection piece. Today is has become an object of worship for bike nerds the world over.

Even today, Colnago produces their famous Master frame with the same characteristics that have made this frame an icon of Italian frame production. Currently available in 17 sizes with a 1” fully-chromed, straight blades lugged Precisa fork, 6 beautiful and complex color schemes, the frame can be mounted with both modern and classic groupsets. The ideal choice for those who want to ride an iconic bicycle, a piece of cycling history.